RES Exam Questions (Compiled from Exam Candidates)


One of the most common question asked by exam candidates is “Where can I buy the past years RES exam questions papers?”

I need to break the bad news too you. There isn’t any.

However, there are various sources out there selling practice books/papers and they are an excellent supplement to your revision effort although many have also feedback the exam is generally much tougher.

CEA also has provided some sample RES exam questions and answers on their website which you can download from this link.

This also means that if you struggle with those practice questions, you will likely struggle in the exam hall too.

This page serves to provide the most up-to-date guide of what came up from the recent exams for your reference.

Do note that I do not encourage spotting questions because the scope of this exam is simply too wide and they can ask anything under the sun and beyond your course notes.

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We also had a sharing session among those who passed the RES exam in Sep 2020 and you can check out a summary of the poll conducted across students from 7 different schools such as their passing rate, practical exam tips etc.

If you have taken the exam previously and could still vividly recall some of the RES exam questions that came up, please click here to contribute to our database. Even if you could recall just one question, someone will be eternally grateful to you.

Muslim couple on joint tenancy – tested on civil law on right of survivorship will prevail over Muslim law.

Fauzi is married with 3kids, 2 daughters and 1son. Fauzi had grandchildren from each of his children including the deceased son. He died without will. How will his estate to be distributed? If he is Muslim, how?

A business man want to buy landed property in district 10. i) he need to get approval from LDAU ii) property is at CCR iii)property at RCR vi) property is at Downtown region

When tenant sublet to a sub tenant. Test privity of contract or estate.

Test concept for reversionary interest and remainder interest.

When can mortgagee exercise the power of sale?

Plot ratio 2.2 to 2.8, pay what?

Quite a few questions on gift, transfer of title

Question on cooling measures.

Who can lodge caveat?

The case studies stated that OTP was subject to contract based on satisfactory replies by govt/LTA. The question was whether buyer can rescind the OTP based on govt’s announcement to gazette a 9m setback which buyer was not happy with as he gets less land than original.

Privity of estate and contract for Case study. A rent to B but B rent it to dormitory workers, C, in breach of covenants. A want to terminate contract. what is the privity between A and B? What is the privity between A and C?

A lease to B (hotel with retailers on ground floor). B lease to C (who wants to run a bar/ pub), (here got alot of clauses of the agreement), then C’s fire safety cert failed, then remain there as office, and default rents etc.

Test on rent free fit out. Test on the agreement like can B claim damages or collect the default rental etc. Test on hotel can be in which zoning. Test on what kind of retailers can operate at ground floor of hotel. Test on hotel is what CT, SSCT etc.

A leasehold estate is inferior to a freehold estate.

Bona fide related question.

Differential premium to lift state title.

Esements such as drains, pipes, utilities are corporeal hereditaments.

If buy private property want to use CPF, must place charge on caveat for priority.

Transfer of property via deed of gift.

Lease of more than seven (7) years need to register with state land act.

Dealings on lands for minor must be done through ___.

Using indirect methods to control the market, the government put in cooling measures such as ___ duty by IRAS.

Two persons bought a property and they are unified sphere of ownership, it is known they have ___ interests to each other.

After selling first property successfully. How many percent of the CPF can the person utilize again to purchase a second BTO flat?

The appropriate remedy for contract is ___ when the case is unique and damages are not sufficient.

A person of joint tenancy die. Must lodge a ___ with registry of titles.

B1 and B2 for are dorminantly for ____ users.

The Master Plan shows the permissible land use and density for developments in Singapore.

Sales and purchase, govt acquire land. Contract is discharge by ___.

A person is coerced into a contract. This is also know as ____.

Mortgagee will sell property off at ___ price if borrower default.

What’s the clause in the Will that will cover properties bought AFTER the Will is done?

Master plan is being reviewed every five (5) years.

Question related Land Acquisition Act.

JTC Corporation manages industrial, factories, etc.

Question related to bankruptcy, gift transfer date etc.

Terrace I and Terrace II is differentiated by setback requirements.

Question on change of tenant e.g. Novation.

Question on REITs.

X give the property to wife for life and the after that to son?, then the son has ___ interest.

Question on ratification.

Five (5) years required for SPR for LDAU approval.

Advertisements are not offer, they are invitation to treat.

Urban Transformation projects are key growth areas that will encourage economic growth, and bring jobs and amenities closer to residents.

BSD plus ABSD calculation.

Please calculate the stamp duty for Mr lim (SC) and wife (SC) on their 3rd property purchase of $2.2 million.

What agents can do when client can’t afford to pay the deposit.

Calculate ABSD for SPR and Foreigners buying a matrimonial home.

Re-issuing OTP to the same purchaser(s) for the same unit within how many months after the expiry of the earlier OTP.

Dispute resolution related.

Collective sales related.

Type of business allowed in Historical conservation area?

HDB multi-generational grants related.

Max number of tenants in a house?

What’s considered essential and optional under Home Improvement Programme (HIP)?

A & B want to sell their 3-room flat that they got in 2015 when can they sell and what’s the levy?

35 year-old single. What grant is he eligible for?

Dual representation related questions.

Maintenance & sinking fund related.

To be a KEO, how many transactions must they complete and within how many years?

Temporary Occupation License (TOL) related.

What is used to find out the ethnic integration in HDB?

Who’s in charge of common property in strata development?

Strata roll related.

MC employ ___ to run day to day operations?

What is the non citizen quota for neighbourhood?

What are one of the mediation centres ? Consumer Association of Singapore.

What is the estate agent annual license fee for 500 agents?

Disclaimer: All the above questions and suggested answers are contributed by past exam candidates and you should exercise your own due diligence and not take them as face value.